Online Ryodoraku Portal

BioPulse Ryodoraku

Online Ryodoraku portal enables a user to enter measurement results of Ryodoraku examination manually and view a graph with meridian imbalances. If you wish so, you can get analysis, recommendations and additional information on measurement results. While working with our desktop software and APP on your smartphone or tablet, examination results and clients data are syncronized.


It is possible to create and manage client cards, edit them and send graph with meridian imblalances to the client's email.


If you do not use our software/programs, then you are allowed to enter measurement results manually. We provide different methods but the main one is Ryodoraku method.


As you enter measurement results manually, you are able to view graphs with meridian energy and imbalances in them. The main one is a base graph, but it is also possible to view and compare graphs for different examinations to monitor the dynamics of treatment.


If you want to receive the analysis of measurement results, you can select necessary analysis method, add into the cart, pay for it and receive the additional features to get more info on measurement results.

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