Doctor - Client 1.0

Program Doctor-Client 1.0

The program Doctor allows screening according to various methods: TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Su Jok 5 elements, Su Jok 6 Ki (Korean acupuncture variety), Akabane points where measurements are taken from 12 meridians on each side. It is enables to view graphs, compare them between each other from different dates, print them out. Client program has the function of sendind the screening results to a doctor distantly via Internet.

Based on measurement results, it is possible for a doctor to create healing program with the help of frequency therapy which can be done through the client program distantly for home use. The program Doctor allows to conduct frequency therapy, create your own frequency list, save certain treatment protocols, have a fast access to start generation from the history or saved protocols, and also exchange frequency lists with the other doctors.

If a doctor wants to work distantly with his clients, it is possible to use Client program with the help of which he will receive screening results and conduct frequency therapy distantly.

We will provide information how to use 2 programs in combination upon request.