Electro Meridian Imaging

So, you are wondering what Electro Meridian Imaging is? Have you ever heard of it before?

If you never heard before of it, then prepare to be a bit shocked and positively surprised by all the benefits you can get from this alternative medicine method.

This article aims at providing you with main guidelines to have a clear idea of what this alternative medicine is.

So, Electro Meridian Imaging came up back in 1951 thanks to Dr. Yoshio Nakatani MD. He literally started a little revolution all by himself!

Basically, Electro Meridian Imaging is a way to examine the balance of your body's meridians using electronic devices and very complicated algorithms.

The device spots the weakened meridians in your body, and then permits your alternative medicine doctor - your acupuncturist - to heal you in the most effective way by concentrating on the main areas that are the source of your weakness.

This is really a revolution in the way acupuncture is made, and Electro Meridian Imaging is already being used, Europe, North America and Japan.

Dr. Nakatani gave a nice name to his method: Ryodoraku, which literally means good electro-conductive meridians.

But then, in 1982, it has been renamed as Electro Meridian Imaging by Dr John Amaro.

Why put such a scientific name?, you may ask. Well, simply because that name is describing better the ways and tools used in the method to make it work. So, it is an easier term to understand for today's patients.

And the fact that it is an English name made Ryodoraku more eligible to medical acceptance and shielded it to the critics.

The best thing about electro meridian imaging, as much for the doctors as (eventually) you, is that it is easy to use. There is not a huge learning curve. Actually, there is no learning curve for already experienced acupuncturists./p>

Besides, it is really easily duplicable and reliable. That is why it started to spread like rapid fire in developed countries (and open to different types of medicine, without any bias) such as the US, Japan, United Kingdom and Canada.

Well, it is mostly in Western countries that this method is being used. Probably because patients from Western countries are way more confident in such electronical diagnostic software, rather than traditional - a kind of "shaman healer" type of places and alternative medicine.

This is a choice. But if you are more the Western country type of patient, please keep in your mind that traditional medicines are being used for thousands of years to heal the human body, and that they are reliable as well.