Preguntas más frecuentes

David Hall

Question: Hello, we have been looking at a system called ACUGRAPH and works on the Ryodoraku system of diagnosics as well, so is yours similar? The other system works out the treatment program for the practitioner. My wife and I are trained in the Dr Reckeweg EAV system which uses Vials of energetic substances. However my wife wants to simplifly her treatment methods and this system looks very good. Thank you David

Reply: Hello David, Thank you for contacting us. Yes, our device and software is similar in terms of providing Ryodoraku measurements. We have 2 types of the software for Ryodoraku measurements, the first one does not provide any recommendations, just diagnostics and ratios calculation, the second one provides Ryodoraku measurement, generates recommendations for acupuncture and colour therapy based on testing results, has frequency therapy module, Open point calculation, some reference information and some more features. Depending on your wife\'s choice, she may use Meridian Testing Program v.2.0 (provides Ryodoraku testing, graphs the results and calculates ratios), the price is 495 EUR including supplies to the device or alternatively, TCM Pro combining 3 functions in one (Ryodoraku, colour and frequency therapies) for 895 EUR. However, Meridian Testing program is more than enough to measure the meridians, see their state and monitor the treatment dynamics by yourself or showing it to your patients and many practitioners do not wish to over pay for reference information and recommendations that one may not use since he/she is using their own treatment method or experience.


Question: : Is there a spanish manual?

Reply: Hello Gilza, The manuals are available in different languages, as well as Spanish and Portuguese. Please contact us through the contact form on our site and tell us what software are you interested in.

Mohamed Ahmed

Question: hola,el software tcm pro viene totalemente en espanol o solo las encapezadas? cuanto me cuesta el software y el BioPulse-ТС con el transporte a mexico?

Reply: Hola Mohamed, TCM Pro es el software en Inglés predeterminado, pero es una característica intrínseca cuando un usuario se puede traducir el software por sí mismo en cualquier idioma que quiere y guardar la traducción para que el software se muestra en español, por ejemplo. El costo de la entrega a México es de 25 euros con el correo registrado y el número de proporcionar seguimiento.

Domingo Flores Mendoza

Question: me puede por favor mandar la cotizacion del equipo EAV POR CORREO TODO LO RAFERERENTE AL EMVIO TEL. DEL LUGAR DONDE SE VENDE EL EQUIPO GRACIAS

Reply: Hola, La respuesta es enviada a su correo electrónico que se indica aquí Saludos

Emil Skirda

Question: Is there a way to test for vitamin and mineral deficiency?

Reply: As for the way of testing minerals, you can do you with the help of EAV and Vega test, but if only you have the vials or liquids of minerals and vitamins, drugs, food, etc. placing them on the metal honey-comb inbuilt on our device\'s cover or using metal honey comb which can be purchase additionally and testing the points before and after placing on the metal comb.

Amanda Hill

Question: Is there an English manual that describes the measurement and its evalution ?

Reply: Yes, we have a manual in English and some educational material, I can send you the example of it (not all document).

Jorge Fernando Alvarez

Question: Is it possible to test herb samples in ampules using this method?

Reply: If you want to test remedies, vials or any other substances, it is better to use the EAV method (known also as Dr.Voll diagnostics) as it can test the remedies before person takes it, while Ryodoraku monitors any influence after taking remedies in a span of time. But to be able to perform testing of any herbs, homeopathy remedies, you should have them as material substance

K.Andrzej Nadarkiewicz

Question: Good morning . Which software can I use with device : \"BioPulse-Probe-2 with color therapy\" ? Kind regards K.Andrzej Nadarkiewicz

Reply: Hello Andrzej, Thank you for contacting us. You can use the software Meridian Testing Program v.2.0 for Ryodoraku measurements, Su Jok Home with or without color function inbuilt in the software, and/or separate software for color therapy (in case if you want to use color therapy, you may purchase it as an addition to Meridian Testing software).

Luciano Catalin

Question: Am i right to assume that remedies can be tested via the metal cup on hardware?

Reply: As for the metal plate on the device\'s top, yes it is supposed for remedies testing with EAV and Vega. Also please be advised that the software does not provide stored frequencies of remedies, if you want to test them you should have their vials.

Stanley Taylor

Question: Is it possible to make homoeopathic remedies via the hardware ?

Reply: No, it is impossible to make the remedies with the device Biopulse TC and the software EAV v.2.1. However, the software contains some homeopathy remedies to be able to test them.

Paul Douglas

Question: Please tell me price in dollar and one more clearification that either RYODORAKO or EAV does not suggest acupuncture points to be treated. If not what is the use of instrument?

Reply: The software Meridian Testing v.2.0 and EAV v.2.1 do not provide treatment suggestions, the software supposed for testing and viewing results and getting ratios, all the rest decisions takes a user himself based on his experience and knowledge, not a machine. The use of an instrument is you can see the state of a meridian and point connected with it, determine the presence of an imbalance in it. If one will perform treatment based only on machine recommendations, there will be no good results, as every person and every case are individual, no machine can analyze it and derive right decisions from the analysis. Usually meridian graphs are enough to evaluate the state of a body and perform a proper treatment. Many professionals do not require any recommendations as they have their own treatment style they have worked out during many years of acupuncture practice. Though there is newer Ryodoraku software called TCM Pro giving treatment suggestions as well as color and frequency therapies to satisfy both parts of users, those who do not need any recommendations and see them useless and for those who need recommendations. Prices in US dollars: Biopulse TC with Meridian Testing Program v.2.0 is 650 USD Biopulse TC and EAV software combining 2 functions: EAV and Vega is 650 USD Biopulse TC with TCM Pro software - 1,170 USD

Karl Capper

Question: What do you recomend for cheapest equipment to do VEGA and remedy testing and ryodoraku.

Reply: Our recommendation for the inexpensive Ryodoraku software and device can be found in corresponding section for Ryodoraku related questions. As for Vega test software, we have one which is called EAV v.2.1 combining 2 methods of testing in one machine, EAV test by Dr. Voll and Vega.

Borisas Stanislavskis

Question: It is mentioned about light therapy.How does it compare with Frequency treatment. Which one is more effective?

Reply: Though light therapy also use vibration concept, but it differs a little bit from frequency therapy. In frequency therapy you influence on a person with vibrations, but with light - you apply a definite color which also has its meaning, it is according to 5 element system - one of the main principles in oriental medicine. For example, when a person gets cold we use red color on certain acupuncture points connected with bladder, when it is a constipation - yellow color should be used, and so on. Both methods can be used independently from each other or additionally to each other for extra efficiency or as an aid to other methods. In some cases we apply frequency therapy. Sometimes it is more efficient than acupuncture which is used also by us. So frequency therapy is specially effective for curing such conditions like constipation, energy lack, tremor, joint pain like shoulder, knee, back, cold (when a person gets cold , certain frequencies are successfully used as an emergency to prevent the cold coming into the body) and others.

Danny Capizzi

Question: Which type of illness have high success rate of healing from the therapy used?

Reply: We find the most effective frequencies for the following diseases and conditions: Energy lack (vitality), insomnia, constipation, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, Parkinson disease, tremor, muscle rigidity, varicosis, hangover, liver support and others. Our customers using the software and device on a daily basis as the only treatment modality in their practice have a wider range of diseases. They soon will be posted on our upcoming testimonial section.

Maria Vargas

Question: Will this instrument will sugest treatment by Ryodoraku and sujoku . Are all results printable?

Reply: We have 2 types of Ryodoraku software, the first software , Meridian Testing Program v.2.0 does not give any treatment suggestions, providing testing function, meridian graphs and ratios. The second one called TCM Pro provides treatment recommendations and 2 types of therapies, color and frequency additionally to testing function, different graph styles, ratios, reference information and treatment suggestions based on test results. The software Su Jok Pro provides treatment recommendations and color therapy based on test results. The all results are printable and customizable.

James McMillan

Question: What do you recomend for cheapest equipment to do VEGA and remedy testing and ryodoraku.

Reply: Our recommendation for the inexpensive Ryodoraku software and device can be found in corresponding section for Ryodoraku related questions. As for Vega test software, we have one which is called EAV v.2.1 combining 2 methods of testing in one machine, EAV test by Dr. Voll and Vega function.

Sally Lowndes

Question: Does your device has frequency programs or is it programmable?

Reply: Some of the manufacturers divided the all frequencies according to their conditions into sections, this means the device is already preprogrammed and it is not possible to change the frequencies. Our device enables a user to choose the diseases from the list and program them into device with the software and also if you do not need some frequencies associated with the disease you can delete them from the list before programming it in the device. Also you are able to enter the frequency in the field and then program it in the device (it is provided for the case if you know the frequencies of other authors that are not presented in the device.)

Domingo Marcelino Flores Mendoza

Question: el softweare viene en español este equipo es parecido al mini biotron se requiere de una licencia para el estudio o dignostico so nutriologo

Reply: Hola, EAV de software no se puede comparar con Biotron, ya que utilizan diferentes métodos, EAV se supone para las pruebas y utiliza Biotron concepción terapia del color. El software v.2.1 EAV es en Inglés, pero podemos proporcionar el manual en español. En cuanto a la licencia o estudio, me gustaría aconsejar a tener libros sobre la teoría de EAV para obtener las bases de este método, también podemos mandar alguna información sobre este método si nunca lo practicó. El método en sí es un poco consume poco tiempo y necesita un poco de conocimiento sobre la teoría de los meridianos (y la medicina tradicional china en general), pero puede ser utilizado sin limitaciones por cualquier persona con interés en la medicina complementaria.

Paul Barth

Question: How often can I use frequency therapy, and if there is any special frequency for a disease, or there is a special location i need to place the device?

Reply: There can be several specific frequencies for a particular disease, condition or organ, like for example, arthritis, or liver support, or energy level, etc. Talking about location - the electrodes are held in the hands, but a user may attaché the electrodes to the corresponding zones of inner organs located on palms (the picture of them can be provided by us).

Nathan Goldberg

Question: Which unit would you recommend to those who wish to spend less for Ryodoraku software?

Reply: For those customers who do not invest large sum of money into the device and software, but still to be able to measure the meridian energy we would like to recommend the device Biopulse Probe and Meridian Testing software v.2.0 to which a customer may add colour therapy software as well, thus combining testing and treatment functions.

James Rooney

Question: Please can you specify diseases this device can treat

Reply: If we speak about frequency therapy software which is compatible with the device Biopulse TC, so here are some names: back pain, varicosis, muscle rigidity, tremor, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, lack of appetite, backache and spasm, blood pressure (high and low), bone regeneration, constipation, insomnia, colitis, diarrhea, vertigo, gallstones and many others. Unfortunately we can’t give the whole list here because it has about 1000 names in it, but it is available by request

Domingo Marcelino Flores Mrndoza

Question: el porcentaje de exactitud de diagnostico del EAV y se puede comparar con otros equipos como ultrasonido electrocardiograma rayos x rasonancia magnetica

Reply: For this purpose we have the software EAV v.2.1 performing Dr. Voll’s diagnostics to measure meridians state and test vitamins, remedies, food intolerance, etc. The device has an inbuilt metal plate on its top to put substances there and detecting probe has interchangeable tips for different types of measurements.

Naomi Silv

Question: Where can I get training for your device

Reply: Hi Naomi, As for training, actually we do not provide any in USA, but the software are easy to operate according to the manual. However, if a customer will have questions, we can do some training through the Internet showing how to operate with the software

Danute Spitz

Question: I would like to know if there are any side effects for frequency therapy?

Reply: There are some contraindications: Electric cardiac pacemaker; coagulation failure; congenital deformity of central nervous system; implantable cardiostimulator; individual intolerance to current electricity; injury on a skin after electrostimlilation; state of acute psychic excitement or intoxication (alcohol), pregnancy As for side effect- frequencies for the energy boost should not be generated in the evening, as energy level rises and a person might have an insomnia because of that

Halina Meyers

Question: Does the device come already with the software or do I have to buy it separately? Is the 200 euros price for the Biopulse-TC with the software included?

Reply: Yes, you have to buy the software separately. The cost 200 EUR includes the hardware and supplies: detecting probe, passive electrode, USB cable. You choose any software you want making your own software configuration. You can calculate the total package cost by adding to the device’s price the cost for the software as the device is multifunctional. We provide discounts if more than one software come into the package.

Jorge Guerrera

Question: What are the levels of skills required to use the device (i.e. medical qualification)?

Reply: The device can be used by non-professionals who have an interest in alternative medicine and by practitioners as well. The method is quite comprehensive and the software is easy to operate. If you want to use this device for your private practice making diagnostics we would advise you to learn some basics of acupuncture if you are not a professional as the software does not provide ready-made decisions and recommendations and the ability to interpret the results in a right way comes with time and experience.

Jeff Aaronson

Question: Payment method for the device and software and delivery.

Reply: Delivery with the registered mailing taking about 14 days in average. If a customer wants the device and software to be delivered with an express mail - it is paid additionally and we send it with EMS service taking about 4-6 days. Payment can be done to our bank account, Paypal or by Western union

Joseph Ruiz

Question: What the computer requirements for the installation and use of the software?

Reply: The operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1... RAM 1 GB or above any MHz processor 100 Mb of free space on the hard disk 1024x600 minimum screen resolution One free input/output USB-port

Ivan Dimitrov

Question: Is the device capable in interacting with substances (ie vitamins) in order to test their effect in human body? There are devices having an extra probe measuring the effect of a substance coming in contact with the skin and registering the changes of the recorded values, positive or negative. Do you have such software or the device capable of doing so?

Reply: For this purpose we have the software EAV v.2.1 performing Dr. Voll’s diagnostics to measure meridians state and test vitamins, remedies, food intolerance, etc. The device has an inbuilt metal plate on its top to put substances there and detecting probe has interchangeable tips for different types of measurements.

Paul Brumley

Question: What are the major differences between Meridian Testing Program v 2.0 and TCM Pro softtware software? Is it worth spending extra money for TCM Pro?

Reply: The software Meridian Testing v.2.0 provides different graph styles and ratios, such as metabolism, mental state, total body energy, etc. The software TCM Pro has all these above-mentioned features, also it generates acupuncture and color therapy recommendations based on test results as well as provides color and frequency therapies modules inbuilt in the software, thus making the software a threefold system.

Petras Baltusis

Question: What is the recorded accuracy and reliability of the device?

Reply: We use the device and software in our own acupuncture practice and it shows about 80% accuracy, as Ryodoraku method itself is quite accurate method. It is considered that 70% is a good achievement, and traditional methods like ultrasound show such percentage. From our experience there are about 20% people that do not feel any problems, though the software and device show them, and it is possible because of the compensatory function of the organism. Or a patient does feel, but the device and software do not show it. So these 2 nuances can be referred to that 20%.

Ahmad Moustafa

Question: Is the device able to diagnose specific diseases or it simply evaluates the operation of certain human parts?

Reply: The device does not diagnose specific diseases as it is uses Ryodoraku method which was invented for acupuncture purposes. Generally acupuncture diagnostics does not operate with traditional western medicine terms. The device measures electro-conductivity of acupuncture points located on meridians and then generates a graph thus enabling a user to evaluate the state of meridians, if they are deficient or excessive. Based on meridians measurement values, a practitioner is able to take treatment decision.