Herbal 1.0

Software HERBAL 1.0

The program is intended for those who work with herbs, supplements, vitamins and so on. The main purpose of the software is to help a practitioner select herbs, supplements more efficiently for a patient after detecting imbalances in the body with the help of meridian assessment device. The device is based on Ryodoraku and EAV (Dr.Voll) methods and allows to determine the most suitable treatment options for a particular patient.

The software provides a special service for herbs/supplement manufacturers and owners where manufacturers can add their products for selection and recommendation on the basis of questionnaires and hardware diagnostics and practitioners will be able to select your products for their patients . If you are a practitioner and use certain products in your treatment, you can add your products to the database of the program and use them in your practice, selecting and recommending them for use by your patients. If you are a patient, you can choose the manufacturer of the product, answer the questionnaire and get herbs/supplements recommendations for use.