BioPulse 8C device

This type of equipment works with PC on Windows system and Android APP bothways through USB port or Bluetooth. It has a disgnostic module and treatment function with frequency and color therapies. Biopulse 8C can examine up to 8 acupuncture points simultaneously and also generate frequency therapy automatically. Biopulse 8C enchances a practitioner to transmit frenquencies into various information carriers, such as: water, metal, magnet card, etc.

The software are purchased additionally to the device.

Screening / testing function

The device allows to test acupuncture points according to Ryodoraku method, Su Jok points, Dr. Voll points, auricular points and reflexology zones. The device which is an active probe at the same time, has an interchangeable tip for testing the points from 1 mm diameter. This tip has an inbuilt point pressure control for equal loading on the points. While testing a point for the second time, it will help you to observe the same level of loading on the point which is important when you repeat measurement in Dr. Voll method.

Price : 1950 Eur

Currently, we can only do preorders. If you are interested in this device, please get in touch with us through the contact form on our site.