Dear Partners, If you can display/implement our online shop on your site, all orders and preorders will be automatically sent to you and us. For each sale made through your site, we will pay you a comission fee . If you are interested in this cooperation, please contact us for more information.

Sales with a discount from 10-30%

Sell our devices and software with your brand name. Minimum sales volume is 1500 EUR per month.

Develop your own software, hardware and manufacture devices with our help and team of professionals. Your investments are from 5000 EUR.

We offer special service for distributors where you get the program for client orders' management; the Internet based service where you can assign your own name to any software, set your price for the software, add your personal or company details in the software and then formed orders are directed with your details .

We will provide technical support for the software and their use. Any language can be added in the software (in case if you translate it by yourself, you just put translation into special language folder). We will consider all customer wishes.

We hope that you will find anything you need with our help for successful business and sale of devices and software for complementary medicine. We developed currently more than 10 software enabling to find a client for the most simple device (student version) as well as professional machine covering all price interests.

We can consider your requests for developing of your own software and device as well as modernize already existing upon your wishes. Special conditions for schools or individuals conducting educational classes of complementary medicine.

We constantly improve, develop and extend services for practitioners. Your requests, questions and concerns are welcome by email. /@/

Add our banner to your site with the integrated online shop and get your commission starting from 10% for each sale performed through your site.