Su-Jok- is an universal method of influence on feet and palms by needles, curing method of diseases without taking any medicines and without doing harm to your organism. This method may be called a very supportive in first aid at acute disease.
The method is special for every disease and it doesn't require huge financial expenses or special medical knowledge, profound skills and intricate devices. Everyone can use this method at any age with benefits to the health.
Many people are familiar with acupuncture and its varieties such as trigger point massage, influence on biologically active points by heat, electricity, etc. These methods of healing are used only after a long professional studying and practice.

Korean doctor Park Jae Woo discovered a unique sanitation method of organism to heal via hands and feet. He proved that there are some zones on feet and palms which connected with all organs and systems of an organism. Pathological changes in the organism are shown by morbidity of these zones, and influencing on them in the various ways, especially by acupuncture, brings medical effect.

Look carefully at your palms:

Hands and feet are part of the body that are subject to mechanical and other kinds of irritation during walking or any other work. Those irritations provide maintenance of health in the organism, due to them we are not sick constantly. Don't we start to rub our hands first when it is cold? Aren't warm feet a basis of a comfort in cold times?
When illness occurs in a specific place of your body, points and zones of high sensitivity appear in the systems of conformity of hands and feet. If we influence these points there appears an impulse that goes to area of illness and points of pathology in your organism that in turn starts to heal itself.
Each finger on a hand and a foot is similar to a whole persons body. The finger has 3 parts - phalanxes. The body also has three parts without extremities - a head, a chest cell and a belly cavity. These parts are neatly separated from each other on the body and on the finger. It is so-called system of conformity of "insect".

Hands and feet are projected on each end of phalanxes according to the basic system of conformity. Hence, they are similar to the whole body. This is a mini-system of conformity.

The essence of healing is to find in one of the systems of conformity a zone of conformity to sick organ or a place the most painful points and to influence on them by one of following methods: by a needle, mechanical massage, a magnetic field, warming up, influence by electricity, color etc.
These actions at initial stages of diseases can lead to recovery and allow prevention of the development of acute and chronic illnesses. Giving practical recommendations for treatment, we talk only about influence on the hand because it is easier to treat your organism via hands. Active points on feet are also very effective at treatment. Anyone can find the points of conformity on the feet guided by pictures of the hands, because hands and feet have identical structure.

How can painful points be found?

By probe (or anything with a rounded end with a diameter approximately 2 mm) press on the conformity zone of organs on a palm as much as you can bear the pain. It is necessary to note, that at initial search of points, pressing should not be too strong because it may appear that all points are painful. Searching the necessary points it is important to increase the pressure gradually. The points which are more sensitive to pain at the same level of pressure, should be chosen as the conformity points for treatment.

Here is a brief description of influence methods on the points of conformity.

Mechanical massage.
Press the most painful of the points found up to a tolerant pain and by vibrating movement massage it within 1-5 minutes. Thus, it is possible to do it not only with one or several points but also to massage the whole zone of conformity by a proper massage roller or a special massage ring. To influence the points of conformity mechanically you may use many improvised means such as fine stones, metal or other material balls, seed grains, etc. These things are pasted by a sticky plaster on conformity points and are massaged periodically.

Magnet method.
It is possible to put magnets on conformity points fixing them by sticky plaster. The magnet should be arranged on the most painful point. The magnet has southern and northern poles. Please check up suitability of polarity to your organism. If your condition becomes worse, change the vector of the magnet to opposite one.

Biological energy of seeds.
We all know about the force of sprouting seeds when gentle sprout punches through solid ground. Their potential energy is used in therapy. The seeds are pasted by a sticking plaster on a zone conforming to pathological process. The seed influencing on points of conformity is applied in two ways - mechanical (the most effective seeds are those that have sharp sides, for example, seeds of buckwheat) and bio pathological power influence.

Warming up
Heat has a stimulating influence as extending energy. That's why, warming up of points of conformity gives positive effect for number of diseases connected to lack of energy or surplus of a cold. Warming up is performed by special wormwood sticks (moxas) that should be placed directly on skin to warm up the point of conformity. Warming up points of conformity on hands and feet can be accomplished by anything that generates heat.

Zones for warming up energetic points.

Powerful Color Many diseases especially diseases connected with external manifestations may be healed by color therapy. If external illness appears only by reddening without swelling and pain, it should be treated by black color. If illness is shown by swelling, itch, weak passing pains, it should be treated by green or dark blue colors. If illness is manifested by significant but not constant pains and occurrence of erosion, it should be treated with red and yellow colors. If illness is indicated by strong constant pains, or the appearance of ulcers, and the affected area gets a gray-black color, it should be treated by yellow and red colors. To apply color therapy it is necessary to paint points of conformity by a marker of definite color. Treatment by color has a good effect to heal skin diseases.

The Advantages of Su-Jok Therapy
The method includes several directions: diagnostics, treatment, prevention and improving. Su-Jok therapy has become well-known in practice of modern medicine due to its high efficacy and low expenses.

- HIGH EFFICACY.You may observe the effect in few minutes or even seconds.
- COMPLETE SAFETY and NON-TRAUMATIC TREATMENT. Wrong application never harms the person-it is just not effective, as against the traditional Chinese system demanding knowledge of details.
The Method is Universal. With the help of Su-Jok all illnesses can be treated, it is possible to treat any part of a body, any organ, any joint.
- AVAILABILITY of the METHOD TO EACH PERSON. In Su-Jok therapy it is not necessary to learn and remember anything. The essence of a method needs to be understood once, then you can use it the all life.
- SIMPLE APPLICATION. Your palms and feet, your knowledge is always with you. You will always find the appropriate tool for medical help.
The special tools developed for Su-Jok therapy are usually used, but if you do not have them, it is possible to stimulate bioactive points with the help of a toothpick or a match.

Treatment of functional and organic disorders in which Su-Jok therapy is applied:
1.DISEASES of NERVOUS SYSTEM (osteochondrosis, insomnia, neuralgia, neuritis, neurodistrophical syndromes, hernia of intervertebral disk, consequences of concussion of the brain);
2.DISEASES of VEGETATIVE NERVOUS SYSTEM (vasomotor dyscrasia of various genesis, neurotic syndromes, overfatigue-defatigation);
3.VASCULAR DISEASES of CEREBRO-SPINAL AXIS (early atherosclerosis, vertebrobasilar dyscrasia, speech disorders after apoplectic attack);
4.CARDIOVASCULAR DISORDERS (hypertensive disease- mild case, cardiac neurosis, hypotonia, anaemia, myocarditis, microcardiopathy)
5.DISEASES of RESPIRATORY SYSTEM (chronic bronchitis, tracheitis, bronchial asthma without pulmonary heart disease);
6.DISEASES OF DIGESTIVE APPARATUS (chronic gastritis, duodenitis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, chronic enterocolitis, peptic ulcer disease, intestine dyskinesia, hemorrhoid, chronic noncalculous cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia);
7.DISEASES of URINOGENITAL SYSTEM (acute and chronic cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis, prostatitis, impotency, urolithiasis);
8.DISEASES of ORAL CAVITY (stomatitis, periodontitis, glossitis, toothache, gingivitis);
9. OTOLARYNGOLOGIC DISEASES (otitis, cochlear neuritis, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinuitis, genyantritis (sinus trouble), amblyacousia (diminished hearing), anosmia);
10. DISEASES of LOCOMOTOR APPARATUS, MUSCULES (arthropathy: polyarticular rheumatoid arthritis, acropathy, arthrosis, myositis, scapulohumeral periarthritis ( Duplay's disease, frozen shoulder), posttraumatic pain syndrome);
11. GYNECOLOGY (menopause, adnexitis, mastopathy);
12. OCULAR DISEASES (St. Claire's disease (conjunctivitis), optic neuritis, blear-eyedness (delacrimation), iridocyclitis, pain in the eyeballs, immature cataract);
13. ENDOCRINE SYSTEM DISTURBANCE AND METABOLISM (obesity, diabetes, thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism (thyroid insufficiency);
14. SKIN DISEASES (neurodermatitis, dermatitis, local and common hyperhidrosis, allergies);
16. SEXUAL DISORDER (libido decline, premature ejaculation);
17. Chronic alcoholism, smoke addiction, abuse of narcotics (abstinence symptoms), toxicomania (abstinence symptoms).