Magnetic Therapy

Magnetotherapy - is a method of healing by alternating low-frequency and constant magnet field. Treatment by the magnet field is a widespread and rather effective aid of the decision of health problems. There are some kinds of treatment by magnets-these are local applications, influence through energy channels, etc.
As you probably know a magnet has 2 fields- south and north. By means of a definite magnet application it is possible to strengthen or weaken the passage of the energy that leads to improvement of the energy state of an organism. The work of magnets reminds the effect of needles, color. The only important condition is a correct application of magnets on meridians or on zones of influence.

A therapeutic aim of the magnets- is a balancing of the energy stream in meridians and chakras of body.

Meridian and chakra pleonasm results from superfluous energy stream in them, which the organism can't independently neutralize. Such condition of the energy system as well as the opposite-deficiency can entail a development of disease. An influence on energy system is performed with stimulation or suppression of the meridians and chakras by magnets. Magnet therapy can render a frank influence on a bodily as well as mental state of a person. This is due to the energy system that has control over all other systems of the body.

High sensitivity of central nervous system is marked to magnet efficacy. Magnet fields eliminate a chronic pain, intensify blood circulation, give vasodilating effect, influence on blood coagulation. Application with the medicative purpose of magnet fields renders antiedemic, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, anesthetizing and antiallergic action. Magnet fields positively influence on heart. They affect its functions: decreases myocardium oxygen demand and increases myocardial blood flow.
At treatment of tension of ligaments, bones fractures, ambustion and brine slits the magnetotherapy promotes not only recuperation, but also allows to achieve faster result with less quantity of adhesions and good cosmetic effect.
At traumas magnetotherapy reduces time of healing process in two and more times.
While treating chronic problems, such as some forms of an arthritis, degenerate conditions, diabetical ulceration and cancer the magnetotherapy has shown magnificent results, occuring in amelioration or recuperation. Fine results are received using the therapy with magnets for treatment of extensive soft-tissue damage like decubitus ulcer, ambustion and many other.

With every year the magnetotherapy obtains the increasing recognition in medicine. It is connected, on the one hand, with the insignificant list of contraindications, safety and simplicity of procedure carrying out and on the other hand - with the wide list of indications.

The indications for magnet therapy:
- pathoformic cerebrovascular insufficiency; Functional derangements of cerebral circulation;traumas with slits (maims) and without them;
- phantom-limb pains; neuritis; ganglionitis; ischemic heart disease of mild case and moderately severe;
- obliterating endarteritis (Friedlander's disease); bronchial asthma; inveterate venous insufficiency;
- chronic pneumonia; peptic ulcer; subacute hepatites; pancreatitis; intervertebral osteochondrosis;
- spondylosis (vertebral ankylosis); adnexitis; dystrophic and non-acute arthropathy; bones fractures;
- vasomotor and allergic rhinitis; amphodontosis; acute and subacute otitis;circumscribed (localized) scleroderma;
- eczema; neurodermatitis; psoriasis; hypertensive disease; atherosclerosis of lower limb vessels; thrombophlebitis;
- varicosity; disorders of musculoskeletal system; rheumatoid arthritis (rheumatoid joint inflammation);
- osteochondrosis deformans; Legg-Calve-Perthes disease (quiet hip disease); psoriatic polyarthritis;Dupuytren's contracture (palmar fibromatosis).

It is also worth to note that the magnet fields have a positive influence on treatmnet of some gynaecological, otorhinolaryngologic, dental, ophthalmic diseases.

blood coagulation;
severe form of ischemic heart disease;
high-sensitivity or individual intolerance of magnets (indicants of intolerance: faintness, sweatiness, cardiac acceleration, lapse or rising of arterial tension, headache).