Ryodoraku Acupuncture Devices

As Ryodoraku theory has gained more and more popularity with acupuncturists in the past 60 years, Ryodoraku Acupuncture devices have become a trend for more practitioners, students, various institutions for further studies and application of Ryodoraku diagnostics and treatment

Ryodoraku Acupuncture Devices combined with the latest computer and software technology together with clinical experience aim to obtain data from within the body using the potential relationship between the skin and internal organs.

Knowledge of Ryodoraku diagnostics and working on Ryodoraku Acupuncture devices is the additional key to exact diagnosis for looking more professional and attractive for the patients.

The average practitioner takes about 6 months to become reliable at making points measurements with the help of device Biopulse TC and software Meridian Testing Program v.2.0 (or its more professional alternative TCM Pro). But anyone having an interest in acupuncture and Ryodoraku can easily learn to operate this device and software and obtain the full data on meridian energetic state and suggested treatment (like in TCM Pro software)

There are lots of Ryodoraku Acupuncture devices in the market, some of them just providing hardware like a simple voltmeter for the price starting from $ 200 USD and some of the manufacturers provide only software, the price beginning from $ 300 USD and more. So a user has to buy a device from one place and software from the other place and still experience inconvenience as he has to put all measurement results in the software manually. Some of the manufacturers provide both, hardware and software, but the cost for such equipment starts from $ 900 USD and more.

We can suggest budget prices for the hardware and software package starting from $ 570 USD with the function of Ryodoraku testing and $ 1300 USD for the machine and software including 3 functions: Ryodoraku testing, colour therapy and frequency therapy while most of the tools offer just Ryodoraku testing in the $ 900 USD price segment.