Meridian imaging system

Finding the best treatment for the meridian illness has taken different dimensions in recent years. One of the dimensions is the meridian imaging system. It is not enough for one just to be diagnosed of the meridian problem the image of the area to be diagnosed is an added feature that will ensure the complete treatment for the ailment.

Meridian imaging system offers all the information that one needs to have about the meridian energy balance of the patients. It is through the information that would be made available by this state of the art imaging system that the proper diagnoses can be provided.

Meridian imaging system provided by Biopulse company is a software that traces and keeps all the patients examinations and accesses and compares the patients documents in good time and provide the information that is much needed. To help the system to get the quick result one can attach the records of the patients such as the nutrition, the herbal and others and with the help of the system the patient’s treatment can be customized for quicker treatment. It is an innovation in the diagnosing and treatment of all the ailments that are related to acupuncture.

The ability to monitor the bio-energetic imbalances with meridian imaging system can give us detailed inventory of each meridian’s functioning, such as liver, kidney or heart meridian in a non-invasive way and then accurately pinpoint acupuncture combinations to effectively help the practitioner make clinical decisions.