Color therapy 1.0

As the led colour is inbuilt in the detecting probe of the device Biopulse TC, and there is no additional light pen required, a user may purchase and use an advanced version of color therapy software Color therapy v.1.0. The software Color therapy v.1.0 allows a user to choose from 7 basic colours or create any desired colour from palette, preset the time of generating and specify the frequency of colour pulsation from 1 to 50 Hz . All created colours can be saved in the software's database. The software allows to create and save templates with reflexology zones and acupuncture points with colours marked on them for subsequent work and convenient operation. It is also possible to create and manage client database (introduce name, last name, contact details, etc.) and save and view treatment details, enter progress notes according to visit dates. High-performance way to treat kids and adults who are afraid of needles. Instantaneous effect while influencing on acupuncture points and reflexology zones. If you wish to use color therapy in your practice, the software Color therapy v.1.0 can be purchased together with such programs as Meridian Testing Program v.2.0, EAV v.2.1, Medical Frequency Program v.3.1. The software can be supplied with any language.