Seed therapy

Coniferous needles, leaves, petals, grafts and especially seeds (fruits) are powerfull and very efficient for stimulation of therapeutic points and correspondence areas on hands and feet.
Plant's seeds are living biological items having mighty energy and own magnet fields.
Such seed can easily come in contact with an energy of a human-being engulfing malignant energy and giving a vital and healthy energy in turn. It is very often the seeds mutate-shrivel, crack and even crumble after treatment. Seed therapy is complete fool-proof, painless and comprehensible plain to everybody.
Furthermore, long-term illnesses are treated by seeds in a quiescent state, acute diseases - by almost sprouted kernels. It is very effective a massage with large seeds or stems of chestnut, walnut, stone of mango, strobile, maize (corn) ear.

Usually seeds or other parts of plants are attached with sticking plaster directly to unhealthy organs or those parts of palms and feet which correspond to them. The most painful points are selected with the help of diagnostic probe, or just toothpick, match, etc. The consecutive pressing on such points should be of equal force. If you are not sure that you can hit plumb centre, attach several seeds so that to cover supposed zone with them.
The application of seeds can last from few hours to one day or several days, if it is necessary to continue stimulation of the point, they should be renewed. Seeds have a great life force and come to interact with affected organs and restores their energy potencial. After treatment seeds can change their structure, shape, color (lose energy potencial, become fragile, black, enlarge or decrease in size, shrivel, crack or even fall to pieces). But it is not advised to use the plant seeds which are poisonous or allergenic for you or environmentally unsound products, also don't fit green, defective or dead seeds.

Seeds can be used as massagers. To stimulate larger corresponding zones (zones of stomach, liver, lungs) you can use peach, mango stones, walnut, horse chestnut, cones of coniferous trees. For smaller and medium zones of correspondence (heart, urinary bladder, eyes, nose) you can use the stones of dates, acorn, chestnut, hazelnut, alder cones, ripe wheatear, stones of cherry or corn seeds, cedar nut. Bamboo's trunk or twigs, stalk of flax, lemon, onion bulb, potato tuber, carrot can also be used as massagers.

The seeds can be selected due to configuration which resembles the shape of an organ.
1) Oblong seeds - upper and lower limbs, intestine, lips, nose;
2) Spherical - eyes, head, breast;
3) bean-shaped - kidneys, stomach;
4) shape of peach- urinary and gall bladders;
5) racemose - pancreas.

- eye disorders, head and mammary glands problems can be cured by round seeds (cherry, black pepper, pea);
- cerebropathy - walnut;
- heart- guelder (arrowwood, cranberry bush),buckwheat or pumpkin;
- kidneys, stomach - bean;
- intestines, veins, long bone- oats, brome grass;
- backbone, joints - bit of culm or carnation stems.

The seed stores an information about whole plant and possesses its healthfulness. If you know effects of drug plants it will be easier to pick necessary seeds to cure your disease:
- magnolia-vine (on the brain zone) - stimulation of working efficiency, elimination of drowse;
- bird cherry (zones of large and small intestines)- diarrhea;
- briar (dogrose) (zones of liver and gall bladder)-affections of the liver (hepatopathy);
- pomegranate stones (granatum) (zones of ear and eye)- ocular and aural diseases;
- flax (zones of mouth and large intestine)-constipation and toothache;
- pea (zones of kidneys and urinary tracts)-urolithiasis;
- corn (maize) (pancreas)- diabetes;
- claw (zones of lower limbs)-varicosity,thrombophlebitis;
- rice (bronchi zones)-bronchitis, bronchial asthma;
- arrowwood (snowball), hawthorn (zones of head and heart)-hypertension;
- dill and fennel (zones of large and small intestines)-meteorism;
- watermelon (zones of kidneys and urinary tracts) - edemas

Along with the seeds, plants can also be used. For instance, the stalks of bamboo, pinks, cereals and other plants resemble finger, hands, feet joints. To heal joint problems the stalk of these plants can be used as massagers or applied to the corresponding zones of joints.
There are some plants resembling the shape of spine, so, the twigs of fern resemble a thoracic spine. Stalks, leaves and seeds of such plants can be used for spine and chest curing.
Some seeds, for example, seeds of flax contain a thick juice, they can be used for curing of inflammatory processes accompanied by myhopoiesis (rhinitis, gastritis, bronchitis). Similar seeds can be applied if there is a malignant accumulation of body fluids and edema.

Clusters of mountain ash, guelder, hawthorn resemble the shape of a thrombus. Such seeds can be applied for diseases associated with increase of blood coagulation and as a prevention of thrombosis. The berries of buckthorn, cowberry, cranberry are cold-resistant and do not change their properties on freezing. Their seeds (berries) can be used to relieve a cold, flu. In summer, early morning in the country, walk barefoot on the grass till the dew dries up, and feel Nature's force in your hands, feet and your entire body.