Vega test

Vega test which began to gain mnore and more popularity among practitioners is a device known as the VEGA machine. The prototype of this sVega test ystem was developed by Dr. Reinhard Voll which is known as EAV method. The VEGA test device comes with a detecting probe which is pressed against the acupuncture measurement point by a practitioner. The patient holds a passive electrode in his hand, the electrode is connected to the Vega equipment, thus making a complete electrical circuit at the moment of acupuncture point testing. The detecting probe sends the measurement value of electrical conductivity from the points to the Vega test machine and software enabling a user to evaluate energy level of an associated meridian (organ) and the functions of different organs. For example, lower electro-conductivity of the point may signify about degenerative disease within an organ or low general vitality; higher values may indicate an inflammatory process.

Though Vega test can't substitute conventional diagnostic methods, but in many cases it can be highly indicative revealing and correctly explaining patient's complaints and undiagnosable cases of migraines, backaches, sleep disorders and other problems.

Vega test is performed with the help of the device, software and a metallic plate frequently referred to as metal honey comb with the holes on its cover. Each hole holds a small vial of a remedy or food to be tested. A practitioner measures the acupuncture points before placing the remedies into the metal honey comb and then after placing the remedies into cells. The comparison between the readings received enable a practitioner to evaluate if the acupuncture point and associated meridian are electrically normal or energetically imbalanced.

Vega has not been without controversy since its introduction to the West. This is largely because it is difficult to prove exactly how it works as glass is not electrically conductive. It seems very difficult for us in the West to accept anything unless we are able to see it and examine it under a microscope. If we can't see it, it simply doesn't exist. If we can't prove how it works, then it obviously doesn't work!

Fortunately, we have got to the stage now where, although we're still not sure exactly how it works, there have been large number of people to testify to the fact that, over and above all else, the point is……Vega test works.