Meridian Testing

Meridian testing is a relatively new concept in medical and health terminology. It was devised to find out which part of the meridian that would require treatment. The meridian testing was discovered for acupuncturists who have left the school and commencing their practice. The use of meridian testing is very accurate and it has eliminated the use of guess work in the diagnoses of the meridian problems. Already the meridian testing has become acceptable in Japan after the clinical trials that were conducted with it had performed wonders.

This diagnostics method which is used in the sports world is already accepted in several parts of the world such as in Japan where it originated to European countries, Canada and even the Americas. The game of sports is about body movements and the center of the body movement is the meridian. Whenever there is a problem in the movement of the meridian then there will be an abnormality in the body. The Meridian testing is useful here because it eliminates the process of guess work as to which part of the meridian is affected. The test would confirm the part of the meridian that is affected and proffer the treatment. It is medical breakthrough in the treatment of sports related problems and injuries. It is not surprising that this revolutionary discovery is being accepted in all parts of the world especially those who are in the sports world. They are the ones who wear the shoes and they know where it pains most.