Bioresonant therapy consists of correction of the organism function. It neutralizes pathological and restores physiological state of the organism. An influence is performed on the cell level. This method allows for the treatment of a lot of diseases without pharmacology. It is well-known that an activity of a living being is accompanied by the appearance of small constant and alternating electrical current and connected with electrical and magnet poles. We can say that the electrical phenomenon in the organism is indefeasibly connected with its vital ability and represent a basis for all processes, beginning with the life conception up to transmission of the information.

It may seem that the electrical poles of cells, organs, tissues and systems of the organism are not insignificant, but in reality they exert regulating influence on all functions.

The life on Earth is developed through electromagnetic poles, resonating with similar poles and different forces of the Universe. That is why an existence of the organisms being compound parts of molecules and atoms in the environment of electromagnetic waves is defined by the optimal cooperation of multiple electromagnetic poles with some components of electromagnet spectrum oscillation coming from the Universe and also the Sun and the Earth.

The external electromagnet poles can module the electromagnet signals of a person, leading to infringement of an "electromagnet balance" and managing the organism functions. It is proven that the general reason of all kinds of pathologies lies in resonance disturbance of electromagnet frequencies in the organism cells. The conception of the diagnostics and treatment by "bio-informational methods" consists in search of pathological centers and systems with "abnormal" electromagnetic poles and adjusting such treatment means which elements are capable to resonate in harmony with "normal" electromagnetic frequencies in nervous cells to eliminate the discord poles, creating disturbance. Meanwhile the poles of bio-informational systems being in harmony resonance with definite reception molecules of the organism on atomic and subatomic level (protons, nucleus, particles) are able to bear the information, to transmit the information and restore the healthy functions of the organism. The essence of the resonance phenomenon, in a nutshell, consists in multiple strengthening of the effect of influence when the frequency, influencing on that of those objects (in our case bio-object) coincides with its own frequency. For instance, the receiver reproducing the signal of the station-transmitter has an oscillating contour resonating to transmitting contour. In this case sensitivity of the receiving set is increased to the signal of this very station-transmitter and this very signal rises above the others. Bioresonance therapy is attractive not only for patients but also for physicians. Firstly, the diagnosing possibilities of the bioresonance therapy are almost unlimited. It is possible not only to define the character of disease, but also to optimize its treatment, as the method lets to foresee presumable side effect of the remedy. Secondly, the list of diseases yielding to bioresonance therapy is vast. The successful results were got while treating such disorders as weakening of immune system, allergy, individual intolerance of dental products, all types of toxics, badly healing up wounds and ulcers, diseases of cardio-vascular and digestive systems, different gynecology and urinogenital disorders, problems with sleeping and many others.

How Does Bioresonant Therapy treat?
As it was mentioned earlier, the organism is a source of weak electromagnetic oscillations. These oscillations are called physiological, or harmonic. They are peculiar to the healthy organism. If a person falls sick or some of his organs begin to work disproportionately, there appear the sources of new, pathological oscillations. They lead to breach of physiological balance in the organism. If the organism cannot support the balance between physiological and pathological oscillations by own strength, suppressing the unhealthy processes to a minimal level, the disease makes progress. Electromagnetic fluctuations are gathered by means of an electrode and on an electric cable are sent on an input of the device. Then they are specially treated, divided into pathological and physiological components, then the received fluctuations are sent back to the patient on the second cable.

The opportunities of bioresonant therapy can be expanded by applying multiresonant therapy. It is a treatment by means of signals of an environment with which the organism resonates. Similar principles are used in color therapy, treatment by stones, metals, magnet therapy, sounds, etc. By the way, such popular direction as homeopathy is a version of multiresonant therapy.

Is it dangerous?
The answer to this question is simple enough - no. As to contra-indications, they are not revealed. The matter is that any contra-indications are based on individual intolerance of medicines, or connected to any side effects of a preparation, - in fact bioresonant therapy does not offer "blind" treatment when the patient is prescribed a medicine, and then estimated if it is bearable. As the bioresonance therapy is used as a therapeutic measure, in other words, it is an influencing by small electromagnetic fluctuations, which are generated by a device; it is simply no sense to speak of side effects and individual intolerance.

- Strengthening of immune system;
- Treatment of allergies;
- Revealing of intolerance of stomatologic materials;
- Treatment of all kinds of toxics;
- Treatment of badly healing wounds and ulcers;
- Treatment of diseases of cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems;
- Treatment of various gynecologic and urological diseases;
- Treatment of problems with sleeping and many other diseases and disorders.

The bioresonance is a therapy, which releases an organism from the pathogenic factors blocking energy of the organism. Without side effects the bioresonance allows to reduce or completely remove medicine taking, preserves, orders and restores the breached balance of the organism. It is an alternative way when it is impossible to achieve full effect with the help of the conventional therapy, it is directed on restoration and normalization of biological processes of cellular structures and functional systems of the organism, it is perfectly combined with all other methods both classical, and traditional medicine.