Medical Frequency Software 3.1

The software Medical Frequency Program - Biopulse v.3.0 can be of 2 modifications. The first variant works without any device just using the soundcard of a computer. Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20000 Hz Frequency spacing: 0,01 Hz The software provides you with frequencies for approximately 1600 diseases. The second variant of this software can work independently from the sound card or with a device which supports frequency therapy function as well. The list of diseases contains approximately 1962 names. You can choose them from the list and save them to the device to generate.
If you have the frequencies for other diseases which are not in our list you can add them into the software with their comments, enter and generate them using the softwares special field.
Frequency range: 0,10 Hz - 30000 Hz.
Frequency spacing: 0,01 Hz
With the help of the software you are able to save chosen diseases and frequencies into device memory. You can choose the time of each frequency generation from 1 secunde to 9.59.59 time. By default 3 minutes are set for each frequency, but if you need more, you can assign your own time to each frequency. You can save your chosen frequencies and diseases in the files on the computer.
There 5 different signal forms: sinus, square, triangle, sawtooth, user to generate the frequencies. In a special window of the software you can draw your own signal for subsequent generating.
The software enables a search of disease by key word in its name (description), comments or if you remember the frequency associated with the given disease. You can print out the frequencies that you are using and comments to them.

Manual software ( Open in other windows)