SU-Jok PRO 2.0

Su Jok Pro - The software allows:
- to perform biorythmical acupunture- Open Point automatical calculation
- to introduce new patients cards, edit and delete them;
- to perform an advanced search in a database for a client (by ID, name, last name, e-mail, address, city, phone, etc.);
- to conduct examinations of 24 and 120 points (5 points on each meridian);
- to reveal imbalance of energetics state using a graph summary of meridians examination.
- to compare several tests with each other to see how your physiological responses changed and monitor dynamics.
- to determine the imbalance degree with 3 D body model based on measurement results. Organs are marked with different colors depending on problems severity revealed in them;
- to get color therapy recommendations on correspondence zones of palms, meridian points based on test results. Correspondence zones can be influenced with color therapy software and pen (if it comes in a package).
- based on measurement values gives recommendations on needles locations and direction,
- inquirer form having about 70 questions and answer variants to them, and based on them the software generates recommendations as well,
- shows posible symptoms based on test results.
- enables a user to test zones he wants. Possible to enter the zones and paste their pictures (for example ear, hands, feet, back)
- Can print out test graphs as well as recommendations
- set up a countdown alarm time to remind a practitioner to remove the needles.

Manual software ( Open in other windows)